Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nobody Said It Was Going To Be Easy

When I had twin girls over 16 years ago, nobody told me it was going to be easy. I thought taking care of two newborns was hard. Fast forward, sixteen years and it is still hard. In fact, in many ways, I think it may be least emotionally. Sure, taking care of two newborns is exhausting work. It is tiring and physically demanding. Two teenagers (plus a younger third one, whom I will get to in a later posting) challenge me intellectually and emotionally. Many times they make me question my sanity. And many times I question theirs. Teenagers are at that difficult stage in life where they want to be totally independent but still depend on you for money and a car. They just don't want your advice. After all, you are old and stupid.
If you are a mother of a teenager (boy or girl), I'm sure you know what I mean.

Write me back and tell me about your frustrations and joys of raising a teenager.

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